As exterior renovation specialists, we love giving home’s a facelift. If your goal is to increase curb appeal, we have several solutions that will do that and then some.

Update Your Siding

Depending on your current type of siding and how old it is, a complete re-side has the potential to completely transform the exterior of your home. We opt for James Hardie products for several reasons, one of them being the appearance of the fiber cement, which comes in a wide variety of colors. Beyond that, James Hardie fiber cement products are incredibly durable. Unlike vinyl or wood siding, rain and intense sun is not a threat to fiber cement because it is moisture resistant and weather withstanding. Last, but not least, James Hardie siding is a solid investment. ”Remodeling Magazine annually compares the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in 101 U.S. cities. Year after year, siding replacement with fiber cement like James Hardie offers the maximum ROI at resale.” We love working on re-siding projects because the final product always leaves the homeowner gawking at the difference!

Install a New Roof

Homeowners’ typically don’t give their roof much thought until it’s too late and a complete re-roof is the only option. Whether you intend to sell or continue to invest in your home for yourself – an undamaged roof is absolutely necessary. Putting off a complete re-roof or minor repairs could lead to water damage inside of the home, which can be quite the financial strain. Most homeowner’s acquired their home without having input regarding the type or style of shingles installed. We recommend that you reach out and get your roof inspected if you either suspect minor damage or are unsure of how old your current roof is. You’ll be surprised to learn of all your options going forward and how a new roof can update the look of an older home.

Add a Deck

The front of the house shouldn’t get all of the attention! During the warmer months, aka year-round in Austin, we prefer to spend our time outdoors. Both pools and decks have the ability to bring the family together — but Trex decks require less upkeep. Trex decks are made of an eco-friendly composite material that doesn’t require painting, staining, or sealing. It’s low-maintenance compared to wood decks, which means more time lounging or spending time in your ‘comfort zone’. We’re happy to discuss your options and work with your budget, whether you want to design a deck from scratch or give your current deck situation a little TLC.

Exterior renovation projects can sometimes get pushed down the to-do list because you aren’t reminded of the cracked siding or missing shingles on a daily basis — but ignoring these issues tend to only make the situation worse. Taking the initiative to overhaul your home’s exterior before it’s absolutely necessary will not only help you avoid added expenses for repairs, but you’re more likely to be excited about the project when it isn’t deemed an emergency. Updating your siding, installing a new roof and adding a deck are investments that will bring you satisfaction for years to come.