Trex Deck

Your home’s exterior deck shouldn’t just look good — it should also serve a purpose. When it comes to adding a deck, you likely decided to make the investment in order to spend more time outside. How you decide to utilize your deck is completely up to you, but the finishing touches you add dictate if and how much you will take advantage of your new outdoor space.

There’s no need to refrain from activity in order to avoid damaging your deck’s surface or to preserve its lifespan — a well-constructed deck was built to withstand years of family fun. A wood deck will last 10-15 years with proper weatherproofing and maintenance, while a composite material deck typically has a lifespan of 25-30 years. Choosing the best decking material for your home can be a difficult decision, but one that shouldn’t affect how you enjoy the end result! Whether you imagine yourself lounging with a glass of wine on the weekend, enjoying dinner on the deck on a cool evening or playing an endless number of family games during summer — your deck was made for just that! Here’s how to customize your deck to your preferences.

Lounging On The Deck

There are a few components that your deck needs in order to transform into the ultimate lounge space. Trex Company has a solution that not only addresses safety but convenience as well. The Trex Signature railing features aluminum railing with a deck board top rail that is surprisingly multi-functional. Nicknamed the “cocktail rail,” it’s perfect for setting down your drink or plate or placing a decorative touch.

Dining On The Deck

You don’t need a full line of outdoor appliances in order to dine on your deck. Although, you do have the option to add everything from a grill to an outdoor refrigerator if it’s your dream to cook and eat outdoors. To start — keep it simple. The last thing you want to do is accumulate a number of surfaces that just collect pollen. All you really need is a sturdy table, a matching set of chairs and some outdoor friendly dinnerware (there’s no need to haul out your best china). Do your best to imitate your everyday dining space so that you don’t view dining on the deck as a special event.

Activities On The Deck

The type of activities that take place on your deck depends on the available space. In order to keep the deck clear of obstacles or clutter, commit to a storage solution. There should be two types of storage — a space for your games and outdoor toys and a space for things you’d like to protect from direct sunlight or rain. As for the activities, a roundtable set-up for card games, a corner for coloring or crafts or a corn hole set-up are all great ideas. The options are endless and Pinterest is a great place for inspiration!

Our mission at Falcon Residential is to help homeowners realize the true potential of their home. While we enjoy the process of renovating your home, we especially love hearing stories of how much you and your family are enjoying the end result!