We passed HomeAdvisor’s test by answering ten questions every homeowner should ask before hiring a siding contractor. Now let’s see how we fare in the general contracting department. Houzz urges homeowners to ask whether their potential contractor can pass these ‘Dealbreaker’ Tests and indeed we can!

1. Will they provide references?

When it comes to construction and remodel projects, experience is key. It is one thing to discuss future plans and what could be done and another to put that plan into action. We are more than happy to provide references for you because of our experience in this industry. We would like you to feel comfortable working with us and confident in our quality of work.

2.  How much deposit do they need up front?

We understand the precautions homeowners must take when embarking on a home project. It is an expensive investment that can bring a lot of stress to a family, especially if you are nervous about the outcome! At Falcon Residential, we finance 100% of the costs and payment is not due upon completion, but upon satisfaction! This way, there isn’t stress about spending money on work that hasn’t happened yet. This is our rule because we have no doubt that you will be satisfied with our quality of work.

3. Do they have a scope of work?

Having a detailed plan is necessary for a number of reasons. Not only does it assist our team in estimating the cost and timeline of a project, which improves communication and customer satisfaction, but it also helps us work more efficiently. We do not begin a project until all materials are on site. In order for this to happen — we must specify exactly what will be used and where. This also prevents delays due to a shortage of materials or any other potential mishaps. We do our best to expect the unexpected so that you don’t have to!

4. Is their price exceptionally lower than anyone else you’ve gotten a bid from?

During our scope of work, we break down all costs including materials and labor. Our estimates aren’t ‘too good to be true’ because we can back them up! Our bid won’t contain questionable line items, it will be an accurate and fair documentation. Rest assured, we also have a contingency fund in case any unforeseen issues arise.

5. Do they have insurance?

Yes, we have liability and worker’s compensation insurance. While we don’t expect either to be needed, we do realize that things happen. We decided to protect homeowners and ourselves by having proper insurance rather than testing how ‘lucky’ we are.

I think we can confidently say that we passed these 5 ‘Dealbreaker’ Tests. Feel free to send more tough questions our way and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!