Without a doubt, Austin is a real estate hotspot. The real question is whether the market in Austin can survive a national downturn – and the consensus is that it can and it will. Before you prepare your budget for getting your home ready to sell, consider these three cost-effective projects in times of uncertainty.

Focus on Curb Appeal

In the world of home buying, first impressions are especially important. While some people are able to picture what is possible, most potential buyers want to see it right in front of them. It is rather cheap to make a difference in the curb appeal of a home. Think new exterior paint and updated light fixtures on the porch and in the entryway. If your home currently has outdated diagonal siding, opt for a more modern style. We use James Hardie siding, which has a variety of materials and colors to choose from.

Kitchen before Bathroom

As far as interior renovations go, the bathroom is a secondary project, where a new vanity or light fixtures can go a long way. Make the kitchen a priority, but don’t feel like you have to shell out for a full-scale remodel in order to have a major impact on the appearance. While open floor plans and spacious kitchens are the preferred style, a home that is move-in-ready with modern appliances and updated quartz or granite countertops is still a winner. An even cheaper change that can be made is painting cabinets and switching out fixtures.

Embrace the Details

Think back to what made you buy the house in the first place and highlight those features! Maybe it was the floor plan or the built-in bookshelves in the living room. Stage your home in a way that draws attention to the character of the home. Most buyers want timeless design with a few features that make it interesting, especially in Austin.