Keep Austin Weird has always been more than a saying in this town. We’re blessed with a beautiful mix of new homes in addition to breath taking older homes. The majority of older homes in Austin are a great mix of character and design. However, maintaining that “new” feel to your older home can take effort and work. Never fear— we’re here to help at Falcon USA!

Ditch the old siding:

Siding can often be the most over looked element of your home. Most older homes in interior Austin do not use rock, such as limestone, but instead siding. Because of its location on the exterior of your home, dilapidated siding or siding that is beginning to rot decreases the curb appeal of your entire home. The life span of your siding depends heavily on a couple of factors: exposure to weather, the type of material used in the siding and the quality of the material used for siding. At Falcon USA, we only use top of the line James Hardie siding for all of our siding projects.

Upgrade the windows:

Many older houses in Austin also have the original windows. While original windows provide charm to the house, upgrading your windows has a greater effect than just saving you money on your utilities. Older windows can also leak during storms and warp as they age. Our goal when replacing windows is always to keep the character of the home while increasing the functionality of the windows through high quality products. That’s why we use Simonton windows- the highest quality at an exceptional value, all while maintaining beautiful curb appeal.

Remodel the kitchen:

Not all our tips have to focused on the exterior right? What’s the point of having a beautiful home if no one ever sees the inside? Recently, we have been remodeling a lot of kitchens in older homes. Let’s face it, we’ve recently put a huge emphasis on kitchens in our homes. Kitchens are a place where the entire family congregates regularly. Older homes in Austin in general have smaller kitchens. However, we specialize in taking ordinary kitchens and transforming them into “WOW!” kitchens. Remodeling your kitchen in an older home can keep the charm of the home in tact while majorly upgrading the feel inside the home.
These three tips make your older home feel like new again. Our plethora of siding options from James Hardie as well as our window packages can make your home beautiful without losing its charm as an older house. A remodeled kitchen can turn any home from ordinary to extraordinary. We genuinely love working on older homes and making them feel new again. It’s a passion of ours. If you have an older home thats in need of a little TLC, contact us today at Falcon USA!