Simonton Windows

Each new season brings a new set of chores for homeowners, from raking leaves in the fall to purging your closet in the spring. In the summer season, there are two sets of tasks: projects that maximize enjoyment of your outdoor space, and projects that protect your home from rising temperatures and incoming summer storms. We’ll focus on what you can do to prep your home for summer in order to thoroughly enjoy each day and address how to properly protect your home in part two.

Deck Maintenance

Give your deck some love by running through these suggested maintenance steps. For wood decks, this includes removing debris, sweeping, and checking for nails or screws that are missing or protruding. This would also be the optimal time to thoroughly clean or seal and stain the deck if it calls for it. You’ll need a couple days that are dry and not too hot for this task. While composite decks don’t require sealing or staining, something you can do to maximize enjoyment is to add outdoor rugs. Dark composite decks can get quite hot in direct sunlight and a mat will not only make it much easier to run around barefoot, but it also helps prevent the color from fading!

Window Upgrade

For the days that are unbearably hot, appreciate the outdoor view through new, energy efficient windows while relaxing in the air conditioning. New windows can have a drastic impact on both the exterior and interior look of your home while helping decrease your energy bill. We recommend Simonton Windows and Doors because they are functional, beautiful and affordable. You have a plethora of styles to choose from, the result being an outdoor space that constantly calls to you.

Shaded Oasis

Shade can make all the difference, taking outdoor time from downright miserable to actually enjoyable. Consider adding a simple pergola or umbrella to your deck or patio, or strategically planted trees to your backyard to make your outdoor space a safe haven from the sun.

We know Austin gets hot — after all, we do work on roofs during the summer months! However, we believe that the exterior of your home is meant to be enjoyed year-round and we’re happy to help you get there! Reach out to us if you have a project you’d like to discuss with an exterior renovation specialist!