Property values in Austin have been going up and up! The land doesn’t have to be the only part of your home that appreciates in value. Upgrades and home improvements can not only improve the interior space of your home but also your home value itself! Here are three examples how:

1) Kitchen Renovations:

A new kitchen doesn’t have to just be for looks. An open kitchen is far more inviting to guests and feels brighter, more comfortable than a confined kitchen.Installing a backsplash tile behind your stove top or new cabinets looks good and adds to the value of your home. For something simple, try repainting the kitchen or specifically covering up wall paper. And of course- new appliances to match. Regardless of whether you are looking to sell your home or not, these kitchen upgrades can make the space more comfortable and make the kitchen a focal point of your home.

2) Paint a Room

This one is simple and doesn’t require major decisions about your home! And if you have kids, it needs no explanation. To give your home a new feel, consider repainting the interior for a fresh look. Even if it’s an accent wall, a new coat of paint adds value to your home. Rooms like a laundry room or entry way often get overlooked. Also, the add color to brighten your home and make your home more inviting.

3) Focus on the Exterior

When its time to choose sides on your exterior- between sides and paint- we’re here for you. Your exterior is the first part of your home that people see. Dilapidated exterior siding or paint is actually one of the first things that can decrease the value of your home. At Falcon Residential, we’re proud to use Sherwin Williams Paint and James Hardie Siding because they are the highest quality products that add the most value to your home. If you’re looking for a simple project, try repainting your garage doors. But with the recent weather, there is a high probability that your exterior siding might be damaged from the high amounts of moisture. New siding not only adds curb appeal to your home, but also can increase it’s value.
At Falcon Residential, we understand the level of pride people take in their homes. The land doesn’t have to be the only part of your home that has value! These three examples of home improvements to increase value that also look great! Contact us today to learn more about kitchen renovations, interior painting and exterior services we offer!