Behind kitchen remodels, remodeling your master bathroom is the way to go for the most value for your money. While some renovations recommend stealing a bit of space from the walk-in closet, there are ways to create a brand new space without taking down walls. Here is a round-up of both small and large scale projects for the master bathroom.

Shower or Bathtub?

If your motivation for embarking on a bathroom remodel is driven by near future resale value, then our recommendation is to stick with the basics. If the master bathroom features a walk-in shower, then there should be a shower + bathtub combo in the guest bathroom. It’s important to keep the style of your home and the demographic of your neighborhood in mind, there are some potential buyers who prefer traditional over trends. If the remodel is for your own enjoyment and selling isn’t in the near future… then spend your money on what matters most to you! Consider a bathtub in the walk-in shower like these from Houzz, which save space, money, and look like something you would expect to see in a spa!


Sleek or Storage?

Besides the walk-in shower versus bath debate, another decision to be made is the type of vanity to install. The preference for master bathrooms is typically a dual sink with ample counter top space. While sleek pedestal sinks do look great, they are not the most functional when it comes to storage, so leave that for a guest bathroom. If replacing the entire vanity is not in the budget, dive into the details!

Customized or Classic?

Simply updating the paint color, updating the mirror and changing out the fixtures can make a world of difference. Matte black or gold fixtures add a touch of glamor while symmetrical decor pulls it all together. For more bathroom inspiration, check out these ten quick fixes that aren’t costly or permanent, giving you the option to make updates as often as your style changes. They happen to be the perfect compromise for keeping the layout standard and customizing the details as you desire!

If you’re considering updating your bathroom, contact us to discuss what is possible with your budget. Our mission is to help you discover the true potential of your home!