At Falcon Residential, our goal is to help homeowners realize the true potential of their home. We accomplish this through exciting projects, like updating outdated siding or adding on a highly-anticipated deck. While we thoroughly enjoy carrying out major exterior transformations, there are several projects that homeowners can do themselves to maintain and improve their home. We’ll review the projects you should leave to the professionals in the next blog post, but for now – here are three projects that we consider to be “D.I.Y.”

Cleaning siding

Your siding should be cleaned once a year, both to prevent mildew and improve appearance. It also is an opportunity to check for signs that you need to replace your siding. Bowed, cracked or siding that’s been exposed to years of sun exposure tend to be giveaways that your exterior is in need of more than just a cleaning.

The exterior of your home has the potential to may seem to go back in time after a thorough cleaning. There are different approaches to cleaning your exterior, depending if you have vinyl siding or fiber cement siding. To rid your vinyl siding of grimy build up – hose it down before applying a vinegar and water mixture. The cleaning mixture should be a 30 percent vinegar and 70 percent water ratio. Start applying the cleaning mixture at the bottom of the siding with a brush or lower pressure sprayer. Here is a simple and thorough guide for cleaning your James Hardie fiber cement siding. Both are projects you can easily handle yourself over a weekend.

Painting the details

If you want to increase the curb appeal of your home, new landscaping or siding isn’t your only option.A rather inexpensive and easy solution is to give the porch railing a fresh coat and to paint your front door a bright and inviting color. It’s on the beginner scale of home renovation and yields quick and substantial results.

We recommend that you test your color options on the door before moving forward – as bright green may look completely different in reality. Here are five tested color combinations for front doors that are both bold and balanced.

Staining a deck

It isn’t the most exciting of home improvement projects, but it is surely one you can handle yourself. If you’ve invested in a deck, then we know you’ve spent countless hours outside, admiring the addition. Perhaps you’ve even called neighbors over to appreciate it for themselves. As time goes on and the wear and tear begins to show, homeowners tend to forget the beauty of freshly stained wood.

Fortunately, the task of staining your deck is inexpensive and although it is tedious, the results make it worth it. Sherwin-Williams provides direction on the proper way to stain your deck, from planning, prepping, applying and cleaning up — guaranteeing you can tackle the project on your own.

Now get busy applying your newly acquired D.I.Y. knowledge and we’ll share which exterior renovation projects you should reserve for your contractor in Part Two.